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The stanford story


the farm

At the tip of Africa’s Cape Floral Region lies an 800-hectare farm at the heart of our select CBD Hemp growing program. The farm is situated in a valley which has its own microclimate, this has proved beneficial to the growing of organic Hemp. The valley was originally named ‘Xairu’ by the San people which means ‘Place of paradise’. With the premium grade Biochar produced from regenerated invasive trees and the location free from conventional agricultural chemical drift, conditions are ideally suited for best possible terra. Our cannabinoid and terpene rich plants enjoy the cool Atlantic Ocean breeze from the west and warm mountain air from the east and are infused with the finest cold pressed virgin hempseed oil, olive oil and MCT oil, free from chemicals and solvents. It is in this spirit that we proudly present to you our top-quality full spectrum CBD rosin for your health needs.

the philosophy

Sustainability brought the cannabis industry to our door step. Working with the various NGOs on Phytoremediation restoration projects of industrial and mine fill soil restoration projects brought hemp into the picture as a sustainable filtration, toxin and heavy metal water purification method. Thus, a partnership was made with a Californian cannabis farm where we eventually sourced the CBD Cherry seed.

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our mission

Our Mission is to provide a clean, honest, affordable product where no chemicals are used in the extraction process and no unnecessary chemicals are added to the final products. Most CBD products are made from isolates which have been imported and claims that a CBD is a reconstructed “full spectrum” is just another play on words for an isolate. The truth is that there are very few ‘Full Spectrum’ CBD products available in SA and the one’s available are unaffordable.

Stanford CBD was founded on a philosophy which challenged the narrative of unaffordable natural ‘Full Spectrum’ CBD. We want Stanford CBD to be a household name, on every shelf and an ingredient in homemade remedies.We plan on producing many different healthcare products in the future and are currently testing many various skin and hair treatments which have had positive result so far.

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