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"Hemp is one of the greatest, most important substances of our nation."

-Thomas Jefferson


Once the flower is harvested it is air dried and cured in glass jars. From here the product is ready for production. We have a purest mentality and try to tamper with the plant as little as possible in order not to destroy many of it's other benefits like Terpenes.

Extraction methods


  1. Our oil extraction is done through a Soxhlet extractor, this uses alcohol to seperate the CBD from the plant matter.

  2. Rosin extraction is the process of pressing the 'resins' from the plant through heat and pressure.

  3. CBD capsules are simply the decarboxylated flower in a capsule. 


Our products are Full spectrum and not isolates which basically gives the benefit of all the cannabinoids, terpenes and B-complex vitamins.


"Sustainability brought the cannabis industry to our door step. Utilizing Hemp on various Phytoremediation restoration projects we soon learned that there are many more major benefits of the hemp plant."

-Andrew Williams

Lab results

210702-002-001 CoA .-1.jpg
210810-004-001 CoA-2.jpg
210702-002-001 CoA .-3.jpg
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